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  • Jason Regan

PIRSA's new Chief Executive announced

The State Government has appointed Professor Mehdi Doroudi as the new Chief Executive of the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA).

Since 2016, Prof Doroudi has worked as the Department’s Deputy Chief Executive and has served as Acting Chief Executive since December.

During that time Prof Doroudi has been accountable for leading the industry development, science and innovation, policy and legislative activities of PIRSA.

Prof Doroudi has more than 30 years of experience in science, policy and development of primary industries sectors and, also, management of natural resources.

He has worked in all mainland states of Australia and also globally, having worked in the Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.

Premier Steven Marshall congratulated Prof Doroudi on his appointment.

“I congratulate Prof Doroudi on his appointment and acknowledge his hard work steering the department through the management of recent fruit fly outbreaks,” Premier Marshall said.
“Prof Doroudi brings valuable leadership and knowledge to this job and has demonstrated over a long period, that he is passionate about supporting and improving outcomes for the state’s primary industries and regions.”

Premier Marshall said he was looking forward to continuing to work with Prof Doroudi.

“I thank Prof Doroudi for his hard work to date and look forward to seeing what he brings to the role on an ongoing basis,” Premier Marshall said.
“PIRSA is continuing to work with those affected by the pandemic to ensure our primary industries are equipped to recover from recent floods in the north and west of the state and to ensure communities are well supported.”

Prof Doroudi holds a PhD, School of Marine Biology and Aquaculture from James Cook University and is also a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.


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