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People accessing euthanasia laws continues to grow

The number of Victorians choosing to end their life using the state's euthanasia laws continues to increase, an annual report shows.

There were 306 people who died using Victoria's euthanasia laws last financial year, an increase of 11 per cent.

During the same time period, 649 people applied to use the laws, an increase of six per cent.

The numbers were revealed in the Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board annual report tabled in state parliament on Wednesday.

The laws have been running for four years and board chair Julian Gardner noted in his foreward there has been a steady increase in the number of Victorians choosing to access voluntary assisted dying at a time when they are near death and experiencing suffering.

"This number of people accessing a voluntary assisted dying substance does not represent the full beneficial impacts of the voluntary assisted dying program," he wrote.

"There are, in addition, people who obtain the substance but choose not to use it, who receive comfort and relief from suffering by knowing that they have the option.

"Furthermore, there are people who never apply for voluntary assisted dying but receive comfort from knowing that there is an option to do so."

The laws are due for a legislated review next year.


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