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  • Dan Crouch

Olympic Gold Medallist and AUSTSWIM ambassador Brooke Hanson

Champion swimmer and AUSTSWIM ambassador Brooke Hanson joined Flow Sports as part of swim safe week to promote the importance of teaching children under the age of 5 how to swim. Hanson shared her reasoning for partnering with AUSTSWIM and her passion for teaching kids and adults alike how to swim.

"I jumped on board with AUSTSWIM probably almost 15 years ago now and just wanted to really use my brand and my face to get more kids to learn how to swim, more adults to learn how to swim and then just continue to remain committed that every single Aussie should have the opportunity to be safe in, on and around water."

She went on to respond to a new report which states that 43% of families don't have their children enrolled in swimming lessons because they believe they are too young to learn to swim.

"I just couldn't believe that parents weren't confident to put their child in to learn to swim lessons and of course we have awesome teachers that teach kids as young as six months old."

"(Parents are) waiting for their child to actually get to the age of five or six until they're going to school to learn how to swim. But we're really saying, get them in as early as possible, get them in at six months old... the mums and dads and bubs classes where you're in the water with them to start with and then eventually they're going to get to a point where they're going to be able to roll on their backs, they're going to be able to take a breath, they can put their arm up and say they're in trouble or even get over to the themselves."

She also highlighted the increase in adults seeking to learn how to swim for the first time in their life, and the importance of adult swimming lessons.

"We've seen a huge uptake of adults, of course, adults that have just finally called this beautiful country home and other adults that just never learnt to swim or put more emphasis on their kids learning to swim but they never learned themselves. So we have adult classes happening throughout the country as well with teachers teaching kids as young as six months old all the way up to adults, some of them even in their 90s that are learning to swim."


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