• Rikki Lambert

NSW targets council boss' pay 'higher than PM, premier or US president'

The NSW Government is considering changes to legislation to require an independent body to set the remuneration of local council General Managers, following community concern that some were getting paid more than the Prime Minister, Premier of NSW and President of the United States.

Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock said submissions are now open for councils and the public to have their say on the salaries paid to council general managers following the launch today of a consultation paper on remuneration.

Mrs Hancock said in a statement:

“The comprehensive consultation paper examines general manager salaries to address community concerns they are too high with a large disparity across the state, an increasing gap compared to salaries of other workers, and financial pressures facing some NSW councils.”
“Currently, individual councils determine the remuneration package whilst independent arbitrators set the remuneration of NSW senior public servants, ministers and members of parliament, as well as mayors and councillors.
“Therefore, the NSW Government is strongly considering mandating that salaries of general managers are set by an independent body, not by elected councillors.”

Mrs Hancock said the Office of Local Government has released a consultation paper showing general manager annual salaries vary from $143,270 to $633,852.

Mrs Hancock said managers should receive remuneration not only in line with their duties, skills and experience but in accordance with community expectations, and encouraged all interested persons to make a submission before Monday 2 August.