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Non-binary clothing rorts claim sparks probe into cops

Victoria Police has interviewed seven male officers over allegations some were rorting a clothing allowance scheme by pretending to identify as non-binary.

Police have interviewed seven male officers over allegations some were pretending to identify as non-binary to claim more money from a clothing allowance scheme.

Victoria Police in July launched an investigation into the issue after the allegations surfaced on social media.

"We have unconfirmed reports from inside Victoria Police that management is pulling their hair out after a majority of a CIU (Crime Investigation Unit) in Southern Region changed their profile in the HR system to be 'gender neutral'," Instagram account discernableofficial wrote in June.

Female officers can claim a clothing allowance of about $1300 more than their male colleagues.

Victoria Police on Wednesday confirmed Professional Standards Command detectives were looking into fraudulent civilian clothing allowance claims.

Investigators had so far interviewed seven male officers over the past several weeks, a police spokeswoman said.

"A search warrant was also executed at a Southern Region police station on 21 July as part of the investigation," she said.

Inquiries are ongoing.

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton has reportedly condemned the alleged behaviour in a statement to staff.


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