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  • Jason Regan

New website to help manage pests in Victoria

A new website has been launched to assist land managers, pest controllers and community groups to manage pest flora and fauna.

The website covers management options for rabbits, gorse and serrated tussock on their properties.

The Virtual Extension Officer website (VEO) was developed by the Victorian Gorse Taskforce (VGT) in collaboration with the Victorian Rabbit Action Network and the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party, to help people take control of pests.

Agriculture Victoria Biosecurity Leader Nicole Garfi said rabbits, gorse, and serrated tussock are widespread in Victoria and impact agricultural productivity and the environment.

“The VEO was developed to enable landholders battling one of these species, to replicate their individual situation online and gather relevant information, in one location, without leaving their home.”
“In just four clicks of a button, the user can choose their property location, species, infestation size and type of control they are interested in, and the VEO will advise the most appropriate methods of control,” she said.

It might pretty, but gorse costs Victorian Farmers millions of dollars to manage every year.

According to Ron Cosgrave, VGT Chair, communities battling rabbits, gorse and serrated tussock will find great value in the website.

“We have tried to simplify finding best practice information for those affected by these species, so they can apply it to their own situation.
“We hope it gives people the right advice and a little bit more confidence to start effectively managing their pest species,” he said.

Funding for the website was provided by the Australian Government Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper in collaboration with Agriculture Victoria. The website can be accessed at

Serrated Tussock is no fun to walk through and a major on-farm pest.


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