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Musk reveals new X logo to replace Twitter's blue bird

Elon Musk has unveiled a new "X" logo to replace Twitter's famous blue bird as he follows through with a major rebranding of the social media platform.

After 17 years with an iconic blue bird logo that came to symbolise the broadcasting of ideas to the world, billionaire Elon Musk has renamed Twitter as X and unveiled a new logo, marking a focus on building an "everything app".

On Monday, a stylised white X on a black background became the new logo on Twitter's website although the blue bird was still seen on the mobile app.

Since taking over Twitter in October, Musk has said he envisions an app that could offer a variety of services to users beyond social media such as peer-to-peer payments - an idea that mirrors the widely popular WeChat app in China.

The transformation is more simply a way for Musk to make his mark on the company, said Tom Morton, global chief strategy officer at ad agency R/GA.

"Twitter's changing name and logo has nothing to do with user, advertiser or market issues. It's a symbol that Twitter is Elon Musk's personal property.

"He conquered the castle, now he's flying his own flag."

The new logo garnered mixed reactions from users and sparked confusion about what tweets would now be called, while marketing and branding experts said the rebrand risked throwing away years of Twitter's name recognition.

"Only a few brands have become verbs or seen themselves referred to in global news outlets as often as Twitter has," Matt Rhodes, strategy lead at creative agency House 337, said.

"Anything that makes it harder for people to find or want to open the app on their cluttered phone screens risks harming usage," he said.

"#GoodbyeTwitter" was trending on the platform on Monday with reference to the old logo as some users criticised the new one.

Musk tweeted on Saturday that "soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds".

In response to a tweet asking what will tweets be called under X, Musk replied "x's".

Musk has used the letter X repeatedly across his companies. 

He co-founded as an online bank in 1999 which later transformed into PayPal. 

He bought the domain back from PayPal in 2017, saying it had "sentimental value".

The domain now redirects to Twitter.

Linda Yaccarino, the former advertising chief at NBCUniversal who started as Twitter CEO on June 5, told employees in a memo on Monday that X "will go even further to transform the global town square".

The company will work on new features in audio, video, messaging, payments and banking, according to the memo, which was seen by Reuters.

The platform will face challenges to reinvent its business.

Since Musk's takeover, the company has faced tumultuous times with lay-offs, a sharp drop in advertisers and the meteoric rise of Threads, Meta's response to Twitter.

The rebrand indicates Musk has given up on any plans "to revive Twitter as a powerful stand-alone social network and simply considers the $US44 billion ($A65 billion) spent on the network a sunk cost," said Niklas Myhr, a professor of marketing at Chapman University.

"The last few months have been tumultuous at Twitter, and I don't think a new brand is going to solve everything," Drew Benvie, CEO of social media consultancy Battenhall, said.

"This is less about reinventing Twitter, and more about building a brand around Elon Musk's empire, including SpaceX, where the X branding really connects a little more closely."


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