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  • Rikki Lambert

McCormack says Nationals wrong to change leader to Joyce

The masks may well be off between McCormack (left) and Joyce - what about the gloves?

The former leader of the Nationals and comprehensively returned member for Riverina in New South Wales, Michael McCormack has linked the Nationals' and Coalitions' poor electoral showing to Barnaby Joyce's leadership.

In comments made in the Flow podcast (player below), Mr McCormack noted there was 'no campaign against him' when he was transport and infrastructure minister in inner city seats.

Mr McCormack noted the Nationals may have all of its seats, it had done so under his leadership the prior election with increased primary votes, which fell back under Mr Joyce's leadership.

Mr McCormack expressed concern for the 'social fabric' of Australia with a dominant showing and seats won by the Australian Greens in the election, as well as what it meant for agriculture including the potential for water buybacks from irrigators in the Murray-Darling Basin.


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