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Market Check: Meat - "Strong improvements"

Senior Market Information Analyst from Meat and Livestock Australia, Ripley Atkinson says the quarterly slaughter data is showing "really strong improvements."

"We have seen some really strong improvements this quarter for our sheep, lamb and cattle production for quarter one 2023 and against certainly year on year volumes have increased fairly substantially and that's across all states and in particularly like, for example, in Victoria, we've seen mutton production increase by 17% or 420,000 head year on year, Mr Ripley said.

"We're looking to see increased supply, which means more product available currently in the market. And we expect that to continue into the future as a result of the herd and flock rebuild that have occurred over the country in the last three years."

The increase supply is Australia wide with cattle in south eastern states increasing slaughter numbers.

"So the eastern states are year on year, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, accounted for 91% or 185,000 head of the increase in cattle slaughter we've seen comparing this quarter of Q1 2023 to the quarter 1 of 2022.

"The sheep improvements, for example, year-on-year, New South Wales, its slaughter numbers for mutton increased by 40% or 215,000 head, and Victoria as well, increased by 54% year-on-year or 280,000 head.


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