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Market Check: Grain - US winter wheat sixth worst on record

Updated: May 31, 2023

Andrew Whitelaw from says the "US winter wheat crop is probably the sixth worst on record."

"If we look specifically at Kansas, which produces a large proportion of the US's winter wheat crop, they are actually the worst this century.

"We look at a percentage of the crop which is rated as good and excellent and only 10% of the crop is currently considered to be good [to] excellent versus previous years, we have been talking about 50% in recent years. So we are seeing a deteriorating crop, especially in Kansas, and so that is having an impact on prices with premiums in the futures market moving towards Kansas wheat instead of Chicago wheat.

In France "93% of their crop that is considered to be a good [to] very good," Mr Whitelaw said.

"[France is] having a ripper of the year and it's looking pretty good. One thing to note is that they were having a very good year at this time last year, and it very quickly deteriorated as the summer heat in the Northern Hemisphere came through. It could all change.

"What we need is a poor crop in Europe would really drive our Australian prices up higher and lower globally prices."


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