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  • Dan Crouch

Lucindale Area School among nation's best NAPLAN performers in 2023

Lucindale Area School was among the state's best NAPLAN test performers. Photo: Grace Whiteside.

Lucindale Area School Deputy Principal Johanna Kemplay-Hill joined Flow FM to discuss the school's excellent NAPLAN test results. She was particularly impressed with the year five cohort, who scored as well as Adelaide's most expensive private schools.

"They're a small cohort, the year five students, but the results they achieved when we look at it closely are solely described as strong or exceeding across three of the five NAPLAN tests, which is something that we're extremely proud of."

Ms. Kemplay-Hill explained while the results are a great reflection of the students at her school, they are focussed on lots more than just the subjects covered in the NAPLAN test.

"The students have a wide range of interests and they're really into their agriculture and we've got some high achieving sports people as well and they're very engaged in their schooling, they're very keen to achieve academically and they really like question things, which is awesome to see as a teacher."

"We don't really focus solely on like teaching to the NAPLAN test, but it is just a measure that we're able to use."

The Deputy Principal went on to discuss the way these results reflect on the school's staff, wider Lucindale community.

"I believe it's a fantastic reflection of our Lucindale Area School and community. We have a large emphasis, and it's on our website, of school and community working together because it takes a village to raise a child and Lucindale is a small community, and the school is quite involved in the community."

"I think that these results are something that the whole community should be extremely proud of and it's a testament to our staff who worked tirelessly with our students and parents to ensure that students are working towards achieving their best results."

"Yeah, we're incredibly proud of our team and our students and our community."


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