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  • Ellis Gelios

Life's a party in Eudunda, South Australia, as Christmas Street Party looms for thriving town

As the countdown to Christmas continues, so does the anticipation of many Flow listeners based in South Australia's Mid North when it comes to the upcoming Eudunda Christmas Street Party, scheduled for the 1st of December.

Eudunda Street Party Chair, Jamie Ward, shared details about the event upon visiting the Flow studios in Roseworthy, South Australia, highlighting that above all things, she was most enthusiastic about the event being free for all attendees this year.

"We're lucky enough to have enough grants and sponsorship to be able to make this a free event for everybody - rides are free...and you can enjoy and peruse the markets...we have plenty of market stalls as well, last year we had 26 market stalls and it will probably be the same this year as well, and as well as the parade we had 28 floats last year, so hopefully this year we'll be able to have 28 floats as well," Ward said.

Speaking about the festival of food at the street party this year, Courtney Schutz, a member of the event's organising committee, outlined the vast global culinary options for attendees.

"At this point, we have soft drinks, hot dogs, a thip truck, paella, sweet and savoury jaffles, pizza, fairy floss, soft serve, strawberries and cream, the bakery is always open, we have Raj who has his Barossa Ice Cream in waffle cones and he'll probably do his famous Indian as well, so lots of variety there," Schutz said.

Ward also detailed the history of the event and said it has grown significantly thanks to interest from neighbouring towns.

"For the last two years, we've increased patronage of probably about 50% as well, which has been great - we have people from all around...from Burra, from Kapunda, from all the surrounding areas and towns, Roberts Town, all of those places," Ward said.

"The event has always aimed to bring all of the community together and we try to get entertainment to suit all ages as well, and we use as many local businesses, engaged local businesses as possible as well, So it's more to keep the businesses together, to give everybody a kind of a taste of what Eudunda's like, really, so it's good fun."


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