• Rikki Lambert

Leigh Creek Energy is palpable - and green

Leigh Creek Energy is not only racing along in getting its project underway soon but will also be carbon neutral 8 years earlier than scheduled - during 2022.

Spokesman Tony Lawry told FlowNews24 the company had achieved carbon neutrality through a multi-pronged approach:

"It will be through a combination of utilising renewable energy, purchasing offsets and carbon farming programs from next year. As we design the big manufacturing facility that will be constructed on site at Leigh Creek, there will be various initiatives designed into that plant that will be sustainable and renewable et cetera from years 2 through the construction process.
"Then, in year 4, we will be able to combine all of that when producing urea. A lot of the darbon dioxide produced on site will be stored and re-used in the process of urea production."

The project will begin in early 2023 and have between 1,500 and 2,000 jobs during the 15-18 month construction phase.

The company expects its on-site jobs will number over 1,000 for the estimated 30 plus years of the project.

Mr Lawry said the company recently signed a Korean construction partner DL E&C Co, which is part of the multi-billion-dollar DL Group in Korea:

"They've been operating since just after the second World War. They employ an enormous amount of people all over the world. They've completed over 600 infrastructure projects in 35 countries."
"They're building an ammonia plant right now in Saudi Arabia 100 times larger than what we'll need in Leigh Creek, so when people ask - can we build this? Yes, we can!
"Now that we've got this very large group that have done all of the due diligence, all of the investigations about the projects and the company and they're satisfied that this is a project they want to be involved with, so we we're very proud to be working with them."