• Rikki Lambert

Leading advisory firm to divine new water sources for Clare Valley

A cottage beside vines on the Riesling Trail in the Clare Valley, SA

Flownews24 understands that Kellogg Brown and Root Pty Limited Advisory Services (KBR) will be chosen as the advisory firm to guide the Clare Valley into a promised land of water security.

The project will focus on enhancing viticulture, the agricultural sector and jobs space in the region.

Flownews24 understands the project will cost in the vicinity of $800,000, funded via the federal government’s $3.5 billion National Water Grid Fund.

Flownews24 also understands KBR's preliminary business case is due by the end of July.

In March, Mitchell Taylor from award-winning Clare Valley winery Taylor’s Wines aired issues on Flow regarding water supply for the region's vignerons:

“A lot of our growers are finding it difficult to get the right water.”
“We have been lobbying with SA Water to help us increase the amount of water that is available for the valley and we’re hopeful that we’ll get some more options to have flexibility, particularly in such a dry period that we’ve had over the last two-to-three years.”

Hear the full interview with Mitchell Taylor from Taylor's Wines on the FlowNews24 podcast: