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  • Rikki Lambert

Latham attacks NSW unions for failing to stand up for stood-down workers

A One Nation MLC says NSW's teacher shortage could be readily addressed by allowing stood-down teachers back to work as restrictions ease statewide whilst praising South Australia's police union for its stance.

Former federal Labor leader Mark Latham took aim at the NSW Teachers' Federation for protesting against the state government over the shortage of teachers in the state, when their own support for government vaccination mandates contributed to the situation:

"Unfortunately there's been 7000 sacked or stood down due to their vaccination status but this comes amid an absolute crisis in staffing.
"I would have thought when, in New South Wales, parents don't need to be vaccinated to attend a school such as a parent-teacher night without demonstrating vaccination status but the teacher needs to - it's a masive inconsistency, get the 7000 back in classrooms delivering a full day of education.

Mr Latham also took aim at the directive that NSW emergency volunteers have received at least 2 doses of vaccination against COVID-19:

"The RFS (Rural Fire Service) - which not only looks after bushfires but other emergencies like floods - we are minimising the number of volunteers that can help their citizens at their time of need in outdoor work. It's an unnecessary mandate for people who want to help out.

The former Labor leader praised the South Australian police union, the Police Association of South Australia, for advocating for their members to be able to return to work as SA Police dropped its vaccination mandate earlier this week:

"That's common sense. Unfortunately in NSW, all the unions have sold out, taken membership fees from teachers, firies or police and havent lifted a finger to lift those mandates. The first job for any union is to represent their members when they are being dismissed or stood down.
"It was a long standing principle that unions fought for, that workers determined their own health choices not their bosses. Unions thought they bedded it down but come to COVID and vaccine mandates, the unions have rolled over.
"I'm glad to hear the Police Association of South Australia is standing up for their members."

Hear the full interview with Mark Latham MLC on the FLow podcast:


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