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Huge Indian market beckons to Australian wine producers

Australian wine producers are eyeing off the burgeoning Indian market after fruitful talks with their counterparts in New Delhi.

A "serious window of opportunity" is open for Australian wine producers to tap into a market worth $24 billion after high-level talks with their Indian counterparts.

A delegation including the nation's producers and federal government officials left New Delhi pleased after the Australia-India Joint Dialogue on Wine forum.

Trade Minister Don Farrell said Australia now has greater access to a market of 1.4 billion people under a trade agreement between the two countries.

"A serious window of opportunity has opened for our producers to move into an export market valued at over $24 billion in 2021, ahead of many of our key competitors," he said.

Australian Grape and Wine chief executive Lee McLean said the meeting was a "terrific step" towards collaboration and growth.

"The joint dialogue builds on the burgeoning relationship between Australian grape and wine producers and their Indian counterparts, and will lay the groundwork for two-way trade and investment over the years ahead," Mr McLean said.

Agriculture Minister Murray Watt said Australia and India were natural trading partners who shared values and a mutual vision for the Indo-Pacific region.

"Recent disruptions to Australia's wine exports have demonstrated the importance of trade diversification and India has enormous potential as a future market for our world-renowned wines," he said.

"I hope this is just the start of a massive boost to the trust and cooperation between our nations."

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