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  • Ellis Gelios

House fires snuff out Christmas cheer: CFA

Fireys are urging Victorians to ensure they set up Christmas light displays safely as the festive season looms.

The Country Fire Authority noted on Wednesday that electrical fires are one of the major annual causes of house fires, at a time when many Victorians are installing light displays to spread Christmas cheer.

Acting Chief Officer of the CFA, Garry Cook, reminded Victorians about the dangers of emergencies caused by electrical fires.

“These can easily be avoided by following some simple steps to make sure it’s only the big man in red that visits this Christmas, not a big red fire truck.”
“Before putting up your Christmas lights, check that the lights are in good working order and have no missing bulbs or frayed cords.”
“Don’t overload power boards, and make sure that electrical cords are not covered by a rug or mat.
“Never place lights too close to tinsel or flammable decorations, and make sure you turn your Christmas lights off when leaving the house or before going to bed to ensure they don’t overheat.”

To double down on safety procedures, Cook advised Victorian households to keep candles at safe distances away from pets and flammable items.

“It’s also extremely important to always keep matches, candles and lighters away from infants and small children.”

In 2019 on Christmas Eve, a family residing in Wallan, 51 kilometres north of Melbourne, lost their entire property in a vicious blaze that was related to an electrical fire.


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