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  • Jason Regan

Harvest slowly gathers steam in SA

Over 40,000 tonnes of grain was delivered to Vitera sites in South Australia over the last week as harvesting operations begin to pick up steam.

The majority of the deliveries were made to delivery sites in the Western region which accounted for over half the entire state total. A total of 24,295 tonnes was delivered to sites in the Western region with 15,959 tonnes delivered to sites in the Central region.

Just 602 tonnes were delivered in the Southern region with their harvesting operations still a few weeks away from getting underway. Viterra Operations Manager Michael Hill says sites are ready to go when harvest ramps up.

"There have been some delays for growers following the weather conditions which included rain and hail in some areas, but deliveries into Viterra sites are gradually picking up," Michael says.
"Growers have delivered lentils, peas and barley, and now we're starting to see some wheat and canola coming in as well."

15 Viterra sites across the network welcomed growers and their first loads of new season grain.

"We are very well-positioned to manage the harvest as we work closely with growers year around to make sure we have services at our sites that match their needs."

Michael also said the recruitment of 1500 seasonal workers has tracked well.

"Our main focus now is ensuring that we are working hard to deliver a valuable and efficient service to our grower customers as they deliver into our sites during one of their busiest times of year."

Viterra Operations Manager for the Western region Nick Pratt says some northern Eyre Peninsula sites such as Thevenard, Wudinna, Arno Bay and Kimba are starting to see a slight increase in deliveries.

The beautifully painted kimba silos are ready to recieve this years harvest

In the Central region, there are nine sites open and receiving loads of barley, peas and lentils from local growers.

Viterra Operations Manager for the Central region Jack Tansley says several sites received their first loads, mainly around the mid and far north sites in the Central region.

"The harvest is starting slowly due to the varying weather conditions. We'll make sure that we're in contact with growers so that we have opening hours in place to meet their needs when they're ready to deliver," Jack says.
"As deliveries into Port Pirie have come in, we've also received positive feedback from local growers who are pleased with the improved site operations, particularly the weighbridge at the township site.
"We reopened the weighbridge as a direct result of grower feedback which will help reduce turnaround times for growers."

Viterra Operations Manager for the Eastern region Jo Klitscher says that final grower meetings in the region have now wrapped up.

"Our grower meetings went well, and it was great to see the amount of interest from attendees on our new digital delivery advice which growers can use in place of the hard copy book for all their deliveries," Jo says.
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