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  • Rikki Lambert

Harvest conditions improve for SA winter crops

The South Australian harvest is rolling in and the state's peak graingrowing body is cautiously optimistic about the conditions heading into summer.

Whilst the harvest season will run longer due to wetter spring conditions, Grain Producers SA CEO Brad Perry said:

"They're pretty busy at the moment. A lot happy to not have big stints of rain. There's been some dry days, not necessarily as much sun as we'd like. A lot of grain producers now apart from the South East are getting into some harvesting at least.
"We haven't experienced a season that's gone so deep into December-January. We're anticipating it could be the busy time of the year for holidaymakers and over the festive season, we want to get the message out there there's going to be more heavy vehicles on the roads. The message is: be aware of that, be patient, we don't want to see any accidents happen."

Hear the full interview on the Flow podcast player below:


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