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  • Dan Crouch

Funding secured for Lameroo silo art

Nicole McMahon is part of a volunteer community group which has spent more than two years seeking funding to have artwork painted on the town's two Viterra silos. McMahon joined Flow FM's Country Viewpoint to excitedly announce they have secured enough funding to have the first silo painted, and they will continue fundraising to get the second silo painted.

Image Lameroo Silo Art Project

"We went out and have sought private sponsorship and donations and it's just been overwhelming the support" said McMahon.

While the community group have secured the funding, they still must finalize agreements with Viterra and the local council prior to the artwork's commencement.

Ms McMahon went on to say silo art will provide economic stimulation, help small businesses, and bring the community together.

Jack Fran, professional muralist from Adelaide, has been earmarked as the artist, and Ms McMahon said with funding now secured the focus will shift to exactly what the artwork will look like.

"So we've got a really, I think, exciting, cool concept. Haven't 100% finalised exactly what is on there and that is part of the next process, now that we have the funding."

Ms McMahon hopes that painting will commence in April, with the blessing of Viterra and local council.


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