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Former ambo, UAP candidate labels vaccine mandates 'gene-therapy trial'

Anti-vaccination protesters in Adelaide in November

Suzanne Waters will run for the western South Australian seat of Grey in the 2022 Federal Election and the former ambulance worker wants to improve healthcare in the regions and abolish vaccine mandates.

Speaking to Flow on Wednesday, Waters spoke passionately about how vaccine mandates had impacted many people close to her, particularly those who were previously employed in healthcare and have been stood down due to opposing vaccines.

"We were told on the 31st of August that we had to be double-vaxxed to able to step foot on station; that's something I don't believe we should be forced to do, everyone should have a choice - whether they choose to be vaxxed or not and I don't wish to participate in this gene-therapy trial."
"The MRNA vaccine I believe is a gene-therapy trial which so many people around the world have come out and shown that's exactly what it is."
"I've had people just tell me in tears that they were forced to have it [Covid-19 vaccine] to keep their job, to keep food on the table."

Hear the full interview on the FlowNews24 podcast player:

Waters said watching United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly campaign against vaccine mandates inspired her to connect with politics.

Suzanne Waters

"I just had watched a few of Craig Kelly's speeches and thought 'this sounds like the way to go, these guys are really going to fight for freedom'...I just joined up the party initially and then there was a little box there that said 'do you want to do more?', so I thought 'alright, let's see what we can do'.

Waters admitted she was no longer employed as an ambulance worker due to opposing a Covid-19 vaccine and was scathing of the state of regional healthcare.

"I just think we need to turn the whole country around, we just know there's a vast amount of tax money raised in regional and rural areas, but very little of it is spent back in regional communities."
"It all goes towards, what, building another stadium in Adelaide? We actually benefit very little out here."
"We just get unelected bureaucrats who sit back in offices probably in the city who have no idea about what happens out here."


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