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  • Ellis Gelios

Flow’s trustworthy football correspondent, Graham McKay, phones in for a June farming report

Graham McKay, or affectionately otherwise known as 'Spud' on the Flow Friday Sports Show with Wayne Phillips, appeared on Flow FM's Country Viewpoint program this week to update listeners on the state of South Australian farms over the June period.

The State copped a major drenching last week and McKay was front and center of it on his farming property in Jamestown.

Morning Show host Wayne 'the Flowman' Phillips caught up with McKay Monday to hear the latest from the lay of the land.

Though, just when Phillips had prepared himself for a pressing one-on-one, it appeared a secondary guest had appeared on the other end of the line with McKay.

The unnamed guest would later emerge as one of McKay's most reliable helpers on the farm - his dog 'Butch'.

McKay went on to describe the damage his property sustained during last week's downfalls in South Australia.

A low pressure system caused heavy downpours across parts of Adelaide and the Hills last Thursday and McKay emerged as one of those affected.

"It's actually a paddock where we had hail damage in and was around about a 95 96 percent loss rate there and we're able to claim on that, which is better than a fire and of course it's all come up really green now," McKay said.

He went onto clarify that last week's downpours in Adelaide were actually critically needed for his farming productivity.

"In regards to the rain at the moment, it varied where we're at, only had 14 mil and then where we're at the house, we had 19 and then it went to it was very stripy, but yeah, it was, you know, an excellent rain and does give us a bit of hope now that if we can get a little bit that we can sort of, you know, get through on these bits and pieces and we're getting up on getting close to the 25mm, which I said we wanted in one rain so that that'll do a lot of good for us," McKay explained.

Before wrapping up the light-hearted chat, Phillips asked McKay to profile the two dogs keeping him company while he sees out each day working on the farm. McKay explained the audible dog noises in the segment belonged to Butch who was perhaps protesting over the radio airwaves because of not being delegated any tasks due to his elderly age.

"He [Butch] was a dog that belonged to the previous owner, he went out of farming and he didn't want him, so we took him because there is a bit of sentimental value there, he was far too old for me to do much with.

"Tiggy gets to do the work...Tiggy is partly deaf so that makes it quite difficult trying to operate a partly deaf dog, we never found that out for a long time, he's only about six years old now, so we've had a few fun and games here."


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