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  • Rikki Lambert

Flooding, snow and fire risk highlight mid-North volunteer value

Auburn residents pose near the flooded King St causeway in the Frome electorate

A local MP has praised the efforts of emergency service volunteers assisting flood affected communities whilst preparing for a fire season, as images of kangaroos hopping through snow on Mount Bryan highlight the climate challenges in the Frome electorate.

Member for Frome Penny Pratt visited Auburn recently as it joined a swathe of communities in the Clare Valley and beyond hit by streams inundated by high mid-spring rainfall.

"We're really talking about the epicentre at the moment, from Mount Bryan and Burra Golf Course flooding, World's End Gorge through the Clare Valley down to Bowmans, Hamley Bridge where the two rivers meet ...
"It's lovely to look at but for our primary producers, vignerons and farmers, access to property is vital to check on your livestock, crops and move implements around. The implications are significant for the sector that does all the heavy lifting for our economy."

Ms Pratt praised the work of emergency service volunteers in the current flooding environment, as the Country Fire Service prepares for a fire season with significant fuel growth thanks to winter and spring rains:


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