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Financial help for uni students on placement floated

University students struggling to make ends meet when they undertake unpaid placements as part of their degrees may receive financial help in the budget.

Financial help might be offered to university students completing unpaid placements as part of their degrees, Jim Chalmers says.

The treasurer said the federal government was considering relief for people with university debts and students undergoing required practical placements in their courses.

"We are looking at both of those things for the budget," Dr Chalmers told reporters on Monday.

Students studying nursing and teaching are among those required to complete unpaid placements to complete their degrees, and can be left struggling to pay bills especially during the cost of living crisis.

Last week, the prime minister suggested Labor was looking to reduce the rate of student debt indexation to stop money owed growing by more than four per cent this year.

Higher Education Loan Program (Help) debts are indexed to inflation, which resulted in a 7.1 per cent jump in people's debts last year.

Dr Chalmers said the government acknowledged that students were under pressure.

"If we can afford to do something to help on that front, that's obviously something we'll consider as we finalise the budget," he said. 

The Universities Accord report, released earlier this year, recommended the Commonwealth ensure student loans didn't outpace wage growth.

The budget will be handed down on May 14.


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