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  • Jason Regan

Emotional farewell for SA firey

A funeral service has been held for a South Australian volunteer firefighter killed by a falling branch during an incident in the state's southeast.

SA volunteer firefighter Louise Hincks was killed while fighting a bushfire in the state's southeast (PR HANDOUT IMAGE PHOTO)

Family, friends, work colleagues and fellow Country Fire Service volunteers offered an emotional farewell to Hincks who was killed while fighting a bushfire near Lucindale.

In a service attended by dozens of serving CFS volunteers and staff, and watched by about 500 people online on Tuesday, CFS Chief Officer Mark Jones said Ms Hincks was respected and loved by everyone who worked and served with her.

"As a service, we will always smile with warm remembrance at the mention of Louise's name, recalling the contribution she made to so many," he said.
"Her work will endure."

Mr Jones said it was always incredibly difficult for a fire and rescue service to lose a colleague in the line of duty, particularly in an indiscriminate accident.

"The outpouring of raw grief which followed the awful news of the accident which took Louise's life and seriously injured her colleague on the fireline was a testament to the sense of loss we all endured across South Australia," he said.
"These sentiments were not only felt in our service but across all of Australia and even from emergency services across the world."
"The messages of respect and support sent to our service were humbling and touching."

Ms Hincks was among a CFS crew that responded to the blaze near Lucindale last month which burnt through 3800 hectares of bluegum plantations, scrub and grassland before being brought under control. 

The 44-year-old was killed when she was hit by a burning branch. At the same time, a 62-year-old man was also hit and was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Ms Hincks' husband Lindsay told the service he would miss her immensely.

"Louise, you showed me what love was all about. You made me laugh and every day was a good day," he said.


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