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  • Ellis Gelios

Eggs remain a staple of the Aussie shopping trolley on World Egg Day

Despite limited supply chains and the rising costs of grocery items, eggs continue to be one of the most in-demand items at supermarkets across the country, as consumers celebrate their love for eggs this World Egg Day.

Rowan McMonnies, Managing Director of Australian Eggs, appeared on Flow FM's

Country Viewpoint program on Friday to expand on the recent research shining a light on the popularity of eggs as a food source in Australia.

"I don't think there's much of an argument that Australians don't love their eggs, this year consumption per person has gone up just slightly, to 263 eggs per person per year, but that was quite an achievement given the population increase was so significant," McMonnies said.

"We've also flagged some important research that we've done to try and understand the way people are eating eggs and any other food, but particularly focusing on dinner time - you know eggs are known for breakfast but over recent years we've seen the Australian community turning to eggs more for lunch and dinner occasions.

"We want to find out about dinner, dinner is a bit of a problem for some, particularly those families with children and it can be quite stressful - what they're looking towards is foods they can put on the table that deliver on taste and flavour, simplicity and nutrition...we're really proud of the fact that eggs really tick those boxes and we think this is why people are leaning into eggs more and more."

McMonnies said it was significant to note the continual rise in popularity of eggs in Aussies' diets despite supply chains struggling throughout some periods of this year.

"There were a few points in time where supply got a bit tight, particularly in that winter period, the birds tend to lay a few less when there's not as much sun about and part of that, was just this really human increase we've had in the population," said McMonnies.

"So more people eating, more people eating eggs and it has stretched supply a bit, luckily in recent months, particularly with the spring weather, we've seen a bit more supply come online and things have eased and the shelves aren't looking so patchy.

"But look, if these trends are to continue, it's clear that the industry needs to double down and make some investments and make sure we can increase capacity."

World Egg Day has been celebrated in over 40 countries around the world on the second Friday in October annually since it began in Austria in 1996.


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