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Dan Murphy's charging deal to top up electric vehicles

One of Australia's largest liquor store chains will see more electric car chargers outside its stores after extending its deal with Evie Networks.

A supplied image obtained on Monday, September 11, 2023, shows an Evie Networks electric vehicle charger outside a Dan Murphy's store. Image PR Handout.

More drivers will be able to top up thirsty electric vehicles while they shop for their latest drop after liquor retailer Dan Murphy's extended its deal with charging firm Evie Networks.

The companies, which launched their first vehicle charger in March, revealed plans to offer more charging infrastructure over the next 12 months, including fast-chargers designed to add up to 150km of range to a vehicle during a 20-minute stop.

The expansion will come as electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity in Australia, with data showing motorists bought almost 7000 battery-powered cars in August.

Dan Murphy's and Evie Networks announced their extended partnership on Monday, while revealing plans to open a charging station at Broadmeadows in Victoria later this month.

Evie Networks chief operating officer Geoff Brady said it made sense to add chargers near popular stores as motorists could power up their vehicles without changing their routine.

"When you shift from a petrol vehicle to an electric vehicle, there's also a fundamental change in behaviour taking place," he said.

"In the world of a petrol vehicle, you go to a petrol station to refuel – that's a dedicated activity – but if you own an EV... you shift to a world where charging is incorporated into your day-to-day life."

Mr Brady said the vehicle charger opening at Dan Murphy's Broadmeadows store would feature two 75-kilowatt charging points capable of adding 100 to 150km of range of a car during a typical shopping session.

"Fast-charging is really crucial to a great experience because customers are probably in the store for 20 minutes and they want to walk out knowing they've added meaningful range to their vehicle," he said.

The companies currently operate four charging stations at retail locations through NSW and Victoria, which have been used almost 1500 times by 650 drivers during the last six months.

Dan Murphy's managing director Agnieszka Pfeiffer-Smith said the figures showed electric chargers were popular with customers.

"We plan on introducing more stations over the next 12 months as part of our role to help provide eco-friendly solutions for a healthier planet," she said.

Data from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries recently revealed electric vehicles made up 6.4 per cent of all new car sales in August and accounted for more than 56,000 vehicle sales this year.

Drivers could recharge at 967 public chargers installed in 558 locations by July, according to the Electric Vehicle Council, including more than 438 fast-charging locations. 


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