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  • Rikki Lambert

Dalton paints Murray electorate pink

The independent member for the New South Wales state seat of Murray has romped home to a powerful victory at Saturday's state election.

Helen Dalton was first elected in 2019 as a Shooters Fishers and Farmers MP, but quit the party to stand as an independent. Her lower house Shooters colleagues followed, and all were returned as independents.

Mrs Dalton told FlowFM on Monday:

"I'd like to thank the volunteer staff and my family and friends and everyone who gave a hand. Awesome effort from everyone. And also I'd like to thank the community, the voters that have allowed me to continue representing the Murray electorate.
"A number of independents got elected with pretty strong majorities, that's for sure. And I think it's indicative of, I guess, the (Liberal-National) coalition not listening to people in rural areas. So, we're allowed to continue and hopefully get those services and infrastructure that we so desperately need."

Hear more on the FlowNews24 podcast player below:


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