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  • Rikki Lambert

Cupper seeks upper hand on misinformation about voting record

A key independent MP who, if re-elected for a second term, could decide a hung parliament, has hit back at what she says is misinformation being spread by the Victorian Nationals seeking to regain the seat.

Mildura MP Ali Cupper told Flow she's had to release research from the Legislative Assembly Procedure Office on who she voted most often with to fight rumours circulating in the electorate:

"It's the time for it, isn't it? Part of my work - I'm trying to focus as much as I can running on my record and my performance. At the same time it is becoming increasingly apparent I have to bat back a whole lot of misinformation. It's a battle of hard work and results versus smear and slander.
"There's been false information circulating about my voting record which to me is a case of desperation. If you can't run on a record or on performance, you beat up on your opponent."

Hear the full interview on the Flow podcast player below:

The data shown above claims Ms Cupper voted:

  • more than half the time, 53.2 per cent with the Andrews Labor government

  • over a third of the time, 38.3 per cent, with the Liberal-National opposition

  • 5.7 per cent with both; and

  • 2.8 per cent with the Greens and other Independents.

Ms Cupper said the data pushed back against the misinformation, adding:

"It shows I've been pretty even-handed. If you are a Daniel Andrews sycophant, as I've been accused of being, that figure wouldn't be 53 per cent with the government, it would be 100. That's the measure of a sycophant."
"When I was a 32-year-old who knew I had to put my community first and when I was a Labor member and I was told I couldn't talk about the (return of a passenger) train and the Labor party was lukewarm on the (Mildura base) hospital, that's when I made the decision I couldn't be a party person and I had to be an independent."


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