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  • Jason Regan

Class Action continues for victims of Lucindale Bushfire

Landowners affected by the Lucindale bushfire that took hold of the area on January 11th this year are being invited to attend a public meeting on Thursday evening.

Proceedings have begun in the supreme court with Maddens Lawyers acting on behalf of the group action. The group have brought the proceedings against the owner of the land in which the fire originated.

Special Counsel for Maddens Lawyers Brendan Pendergast said that the action is a matter of public record with proceedings commencing in August.

"Unfortunately Mr Thomas Brinkworth is now deceased so his executors are named as defendants," Mr Pendergast said.
"The allegation is that there was a burn off conducted in June or July of 2020 on the property and that fire was not properly extinguished.
"The allegation is that fire continued to smoulder underground until reigniting to start the devastating fire in January.

The public meeting will be held at the Lucindale War Memorial Hall this Thursday starting at 6 pm. Attendees will be provided with an update on the class action and be given the opportunity to ask questions.

Maddens Lawyers Principal, Kathryn Emeny, said that anyone that suffered loss or damage regardless of the scale should attend.

"Anyone impacted can still register to join the class so this meeting will be a great opportunity for Lucindale residents to find out more about the process," Ms Emeny said.

For further information and to register to attend the upcoming community meeting please call tollfree on 1800 815 228, email or register online at


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