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China drops trade sanctions on Australian beef

Some Australian abattoirs will now be allowed to start exporting beef back to China after Beijing announced it had lifted suspensions.

China has lifted suspensions off three Australian abattoirs, in a further easing of punitive trade sanctions imposed on the nation's exports.

China's Customs agency announced products from these abattoirs will now be allowed to be imported, pending final administrative processes by authorities.

But a number of Australian meat establishments remain suspended.

Beijing slapped sanctions worth $20 billion on Australian products during the height of diplomatic tensions in 2020.

Trade Minister Don Farrell said this was another "positive step" towards the stabilisation of the relationship with China.

"The Albanese government will keep pressing for the remaining trade impediments to be removed as soon as possible," he said.

Sanctions remain on exports including rock lobster and beef.

Beijing is reviewing bans on Australian wine worth $1.2 billion through a five-month process after Canberra agreed to suspend a dispute lodged with the World Trade Organisation.

It follows a number of meetings between Senator Farrell and his Chinese counterpart Wang Wentao over the past months.


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