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  • Rikki Lambert

Check your LG battery for safety risk

Around 5,000 householders are being contacted to warn of their LG solar batteries potentially posing a risk to safety.

The batteries potentially branded LG or Sola X, Opal, Redback, Red Earth, Eguana or VARTA could overhead and catch fire.

The ACCC is contacting known customers and estimates around 2,900 batteries have already been replaced or removed. Around 1,400 more have been deactivated or had their maximum charge capacity reduced to minimise overheating risk until a replacement or refund is organised.

ACCC deputy chair Delia Rickard said:

“Unfortunately, since October 2019 there have been nine reported incidents involving these types of batteries in Australia resulting in property damage and one injury. We do not want to see any more incidents or injuries.”


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