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  • Jason Regan

Catchment keeper workshops to empower Riverina women

Riverina women are urged to register for the next Catchment Keepers workshop which will be held in the region next month.

Catchment Keeperswas launched by Murrumbidgee Landcare in March 2021 to work with and support women on farms to help them develop skills in environmental management.

So far, three Catchment Keeper workshops have been held in and around Hay, NSW and have covered topics such as native bees, revegetation/rehabilitation, principles of grazing, restoring health to soils and cultural heritage.

The next workshop will be held on 1st March at Big Springs near Wagga Wagga and will include a day of practical learning and inspiring stories of women on farms.

Speakers for the workshop will include:

  • Katie Collins (farmer, "Ayrshire Park") will talk about her property, the changes they have made to improve the health of the land, and the reasons for these changes.

  • Gemma Meier (farmer, Grong Grong) will talk about her property, her passion for regenerative farming and her work in the community.

  • Celia Connor (CSU researcher in Environment and Agriculture) will talk about her work in science, environment, education and engaging women/girls in science and agriculture.

  • Dione Howard (District Veterinarian at Riverina LLS, Young Farming Champion and 2021 RAS Rural Achiever) will talk about her life as a vet, her achievements and her passion for engaging children to pursue a career in agriculture.

  • Susan Orgill (NSW DPI Soil Carbon researcher) will talk about her work helping farmers to restore health to their soils, and share ways we can improve our own soils through grazing and farm management.

Morning tea and lunch will be provided (please advise of any special dietary needs), there will be a Farm walk, and lots of time to talk with the presenters and other attendees.

The workshop will be held at Ayrshire Park in Big Springs on Tuesday, March 1st from 9 am. To register for the workshop go to the Eventbrite website.


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