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  • Rikki Lambert

'Bulldust' - methane emissions from Glasgow climate conference

Thomas Elder Markets' Matt Dalgleish has described the rhetoric emerging from Glasgow as 'bulldust' on the question of beef production's impact on the global climate.

Speaking with Wayne on the Flow Morning Show, the agricultural market analyst said:

"The narrative often you see on social media particularly is that livestock and if you look at which, cattle seem to be the bogeymen in the picture, somehow emitting al these greenhouse gases and they're a big emitter destroying the environment. When you actually look at the numbers that come out globally, it's absolutely not the case."

Listen to the interview on the FlowNews24 podcast player below:

Mr Dalgleish has penned an article on the Thomas Elder Markets website describing the narrative on cattle from Glasgow as 'bulldust'. He explained on Flow:

"The Australian government decided not to sign on (to methane and deforestation commitments) including India, China and Russia who were reluctant to sign on.
"It was curious to see methane got the most traction at COP26 given that methane's not the big greenhouse gas emitter, carbon's the big one in the mix there and its odd that carbon's been forgotten and everyone's focused on methane.
"Methane's a problem, don't get me wrong, but given carbon is more that 73 pc of global emissions are from the energy and transport sector which is carbon based, and not the livestock sector.
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