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  • Rikki Lambert

Bowen 'looking lovingly at Ardern' on reducing methane emissions in agriculture

Prime Ministers Jacinda Ardern (left) of NZ and Anthony Albanese (Aust)

A regional MP has raised concern that the Albanese Labor government could ultimately mimic the Ardern Labour government in New Zealand and tax - or otherwise control - farming due to methane emissions, slashing profitability.

The member for Barker covering the livestock-strong south-east of South Australia, Tony Pasin told Flow he feared Albanese Labor's end-game for farmers:

"If we follow the route which I think Labor are intent on, what they're seeing in New Zealand, let's face it, Chris Bowen looking lovingly across the ditch at Jacinda Ardern, then we'll have a system where Australian farmers will have to farm in accordance with licences, and those licences will be determined just as with water licences: what you're farming today minus thirty per cent.
"There'll be no opportunity to grow productivity if you want to farm more cattle or sheep, you'll require a licence to do this. It's just nonsensical rubbish.
"To think we're doing all of this or its even being considered when cost of living pressures are going through the roof, it doesn't mean any sense. At a farmer level it will impose productivity caps meaning that profit will leave the business enterprise. At a consumer level it will be going into supermarkets and paying a lot more for red meat and proteins."

Hear the full interview discussing live exports, water buyback in the Murray-Darling Basin and the demise of the Building Better Regions Fund in the Flow podcast player:


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