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  • Ellis Gelios

Bizarre Crows' captain's pick? Dadds on the Power of one

Flow's North American sports expert Eddie Dadds appeared on the Sports Hour earlier this week to discuss a range of topics, including the weird health update from former Olympian and San Francisco 49ers star Lawrence Okoyo who revealed his cellulitis diagnosis to followers with a bizarre photo.

Dadds also appeared to be at odds with Wayne the Flowman during the aftermath of Australia's dismal performances in India in international cricket, totally dismissing Wayne's "drop Cummins" call he made during his Morning Show earlier that day.

Dadds, known for his contributions on the online platform, SC Playbook, also reviewed the NRL challenge cup and the Adelaide Crows' "bizarre" call to make Jordan Dawson captain along with declaring rivals Port Adelaide as "one of the most dangerous Premiership prospects" in 2023, with so many fans and pundits already writing them off.


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