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Australians owed millions in unclaimed Medicare rebates

A Christmas bonus could be on the cards for nearly a million Australians who have yet to receive the Medicare benefits they are owed.

Nearly one million Australians could receive a festive season boost to their bank balance, as the government tries to return $234 million in unclaimed Medicare benefits.

On average, these Australians are missing out on about $240 each because they don't have valid bank details registered with Medicare.

But they could reclaim the money within three days by updating their bank account details on the myGov website.

Government Services Minister Bill Shorten says it could be a financial boon for many Australians ahead of the Christmas period.

"We know Australians are doing it tough, and I want to reunite people with millions in unpaid Medicare benefits before the holidays," he said.

Australians between 18 and 24 years old had the most to gain with more than $49 million in unclaimed benefits for 221,000 young people.

Nearly 700,000 people are set to receive a notification that Medicare owes them money but another 300,000 who don't have a MyGov account may not be contactable.

Mr Shorten is encouraging all Australians to create a MyGov account to ensure they aren't missing out.

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