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  • Ellis Gelios

Adelaideans urged to report parakeet farm & fauna threat

Members of the public in Adelaide are being urged to report sightings of parakeet birds in the wild by government agency Green Adelaide.

Last September's plea by the same peak body to have public sightings of Alexandrine Parakeets reported to local government agencies fell flat, leading to a second call given the threat the bird's breeding poses to South Australian native birds and agriculture.

Alexandrine Parakeets, native to South Asia, were identified recently in Adelaide's southern suburbs and it is understood that wildlife operators are on high alert with the possibility that the breed of bird may become established in South Australia's wildlife.

The breed of bird, deemed to be a popular choice for pet birds in South Australia, can also be potentially harmful for the state's agricultural industry, according to Green Adelaide ecologist Jason Van Weenen:

“It’s important that we find and capture these parakeets to prevent them from establishing in our environment."
“Alexandrine parakeets are about the size of a galah with a distinctive long tail and red beak."
"Their feathers are usually green, but occasionally they can come in blue and yellow."

Van Weenen said it was crucial for the South Australian community to assist in locating escaped parakeets after community sightings resulted in three male parakeets being found in Morphett Vale last September, which were living in the wild.

“We could not have found these birds without the keen eyes of community members."
“Thanks to public reports, we have been able to confirm that there are numerous Alexandrine parakeets on the loose in the suburbs of Adelaide, particularly in the southern suburbs."
“We again encourage everyone in Adelaide to report their sightings to the National Pest Alert Hotline to help us locate more them in the wild.”


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