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  • Rikki Lambert

Western Vic Liberal warns against voting for Labor-leaning independents

The first-term Liberal representing western Victoria in the Victorian Legislative Council has spoken about an Animal Justice MP's voting record as reason for regional voters to be concerned.

Bev McArthur is seeking a second term and goes up against Andy Meddick in the race to represent the state's west. She told Flow the Animal Justice Party was one of the minor parties in the upper house that backed extending the Andrews Labor government's pandemic powers:

"What I'm really concerned about how people vote in the upper house. I want people to think very carefully about voting for crossbenchers. In this last parliament we had people who voted with the government that ensured the pandemic powers remained, with extraordinarily small numbers of votes. Andy Meddick in my electorate only had 12,476 votes but yet he helped Daniel Andrews control the lives of 6 and a half million people."

Mrs McArthur claimed Mr Meddick would 'shut down' agricultural production in the electorate:

"We feed the city, we export to the world, and he would shut that down.
"Worse than that, their vote in many areas in so much government legislation that's involved social engineering, was vital and was vital to keep the government's pandemic laws front and centre."

Hear the full interview on the Flow podcast player below:


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