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  • Ellis Gelios

They've got junior development down to a T at Gawler & districts softball

Ellis Gelios checked in with Veg Ingram on the Flow Friday Sports Show this week, as the President of the Gawler and Districts Softball Association unpacked the latest Gawler Softball action.

As well as previewing this weekend's matches across the mounds, Ingram weighed in on whether the young 12-year-old star Sienna Sutton could soon find herself representing an older age group off the back of her recent exploits.

Ingram took the opportunity to tell Flow FM listeners exactly why the tee-ball component of the association's Saturday schedule is so crucial with regards to the development of budding young softball stars in and around Gawler.

Ingram also gave a final call-out for locally based listeners with a softball interest to purchase tickets to tomorrow night's 40-year anniversary celebrations.


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