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The 2023 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award National Finalists annouced

Seven remarkable women have been recognised for their contribution to Australia’s rural and emerging industries, businesses and communities by being named national finalists of the 2023 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award.

Women from all over Australia were encouraged to apply with a project, business or program having a positive impact on rural and emerging industries, businesses, and communities.

Nikki Davey, 2023 VIC Rural Women's Award winner, and one of the seven national finalists. Image: Chloe Smith Photography.

SA - Ali Paulett:

Ali Paulett is the founder of the Bush DeVine Indigenous Australian native garden and managing director of Paulett Wines based in the Clare Valley. She is a passionate advocate for food education, collaboration with First Nations people, and community connection. Ms Paulett was awarded for her work developing Bush DeVine to be a sensory, educational experience that boasts 40 different native plant species for its region and its visitors to explore.

NT – Eileen Breen:

Eileen Breen, co-founder of NTEX, is a passionate advocate for sustainable business based in Girraween. With over 30 years of experience in a diverse range of industries, including in Australia and overseas, she has been instrumental in developing successful businesses and fostering entrepreneurship in the community. Ms Breen was awarded for her work developing and implementing sustainable initiatives through her program SustainAbility, which helps build resilience and profitability for regional businesses while also contributing to positive impacts for local communities and the environment.

QLD - Emma Gibbons:

Emma Gibbons, the founder of Huds and Toke, is a trailblazing entrepreneur based in Coolum. Ms Gibbons was awarded for her most recent project, leading the R&D for products made from the insect farming industry by value-adding the protein that’s being produced. More widely, she aims to show consumers that there are choices which are healthy for their pets with alternative ingredients that mean both a lower carbon footprint and a reduction in waste.

TAS - Melissa Duniam:

Melissa Duniam, facilitator and founder of Leading Rein, based in Sisters Creek, is an advocate for life-long learning and is sharing her knowledge of working alongside horses in a leadership development program. Ms Duniam was awarded for her work in equine-assisted learning and her creative ability to apply both human and horse herd dynamics to empower people and work teams.

NSW/ACT - Michelle Leonard:

Michelle Leonard, founder, artistic director and conductor of Moorambilla Voiceslocated in Sydney, is a visionary with a strong motivation to amplify creative opportunities for regional children and young adults. Ms Leonard was awarded for her nationally recognised program that seeks to give country children and young adults a unique opportunity to sing, dance, drum, record, tour and create incredible performances.

WA - Michelle Moriarty:

Michelle Moriarty, based in Bunbury, is the founder of Grief Connect. Widowed at 38, Ms Moriarty established a young widow's Facebook group which now has over 300 members. In 2022, Ms Moriarty’s father died unexpectedly so she set up an additional Facebook group, this time for widowed people over 55. Ms Moriarty was awarded for her work to reduce social isolation for widowed women and men by providing support groups that offer a safe space for honest discussions about the harsh realities of losing a partner.

VIC - Nikki Davey:

Glenmore entrepreneur Nikki Davey is the co-founder of Grown Not Flown. Nikki has a vision to see the local cut flower industry bloom, using her skills in business and digital product development to support small-scale growers. Ms Davey was awarded for her work in creating a digital platform that supports the slow flower movement by connecting flower consumers with local and sustainable producers.

The AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award has gained a significant profile, growing in prestige and popularity and is recognised as a program of influence among parliamentarians, industry, media and Award Alumni.

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