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  • Rikki Lambert

Tehan talks up UK, India trade benefits for Wannon farmers

The Liberal MP for Wannon, Dan Tehan, is seeking re-election and talked up his achievements for farmers as trade minister in the Morrison-Joyce government as something he has 'taken to heart'.

Mr Tehan told Flow listeners:

"Being able to support our farmers through my role as trade minister is something that I've really, really taken to heart and really pushed to get those free trade agreements with the UK and India in the last 18 months - something I've been very very please to work with our ag industry to deliver."

The Liberal MP also promoted the distillery, brewer and cellar door matching funding to improve their facilities for tourists.

Listen to the full interview with Victorian Liberal MP for Wannon and Australian trade minister Dan Tehan on the Flow podcast player below:

Mr Tehan also talked up the re-opening of Australia for international tourists, and the value of over $100m invested in the Twelve Apostles precinct to make it 'fit for purpose'.

The incumbent MP warned against voting for independents on 21 May, of which there are two - Graham Garner and Alex Dyson - in Wannon, saying:

"We have to avoid a Labor-Greens-Independent government because the last time we had that it wasn't in the national interest.
"We want people to think of a clear choice in this election - a Coalition government that is offering economic certainty, a strong economy and a strong future versus a hung parliament, Labor, Greens and Independents which the last time we saw that was chaotic and will weaken our country, not strengthen it."

Flow has approached the Labor Party for an interview with Wannon candidate Gilbert Wilson, which has not yet been forthcoming.


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