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  • Jason Regan

Staged re-opening of Stuart Highway begins

Traffic has started to flow through the flooded section of Stuart Highway, at Glendambo, with the road re-opening to trucks on Sunday.

Although water remains on the road, the crucial travel route – reconnecting the vital north-south freight link – has been declared safe for truck use during daylight hours.

As water continues to recede, it is anticipated the highway will re-open to high clearance 4WD vehicles from Tuesday and may open to all transport later in the week under restricted traffic management conditions.

Premier Steven Marshall said strict conditions would be applied along the 600m section of highway, with only one truck permitted to use the section at a time with a 20km/h speed limit.

“We’ve been working hard with emergency services to re-open the highway as soon as possible, but we need to do it in a safe way that will not damage the road further,” the Premier said.
“There is still a huge amount of clean up work to be done but we are relieved to re-open the highway and see the community gradually transit through".

Deputy Premier, and Member for Stuart, Dan van Holst Pellekaan, said more than 36 tonnes of emergency supplies have been airdropped to the Coober Pedy community by the Australian Defence Force.

“The staged re-opening of the highway this morning is great news for the local community as well as the trucking industry, pastoralists and stranded travellers,” the Deputy Premier said.
“Although the re-opening plan is dependent on the floodwaters receding an assessment of the road condition, we are confident the road should be open to all traffic under speed restriction – with flow in both directions – by the end of the week.”


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