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  • Ellis Gelios

South East SA suffers week of restrictions, border bubble shrinks over single case

SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens

South Australia's south-east corner of the state comprising the councils of Mount Gambier, Wattle Range and Grant have all been plunged into new restrictions after a new case of COVID-19 was reported on the Monday public holiday.

The fears arise from a woman in her 40s from Mount Gambier who returned a positive COVID test.

There are currently no public exposure sites, though South Australian authorities are on red alert.

The woman is believed to have spent time in Victoria.

From 4pm yesterday, all indoor venues reverted to the one person per four square metres density rule.

A cap of two household visitors has also been imposed while private activities are limited to 10 people and all sport and private functions have been temporarily suspended.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens confirmed the restrictions will be in place for a week on Monday.

The South Australian Government also announced on Monday that the cross border community bubble has been reduced by 30 kilometres.

Meanwhile, SA Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier revealed on Sunday cross-border community members would also require at least one vaccination dose to travel between South Australia and Victoria and would have to get tested every seven days.

Victorian state MP for Mildura Ali Cupper hit out at the repercussions shrinking the cross border bubble would bring about for the residents of the town of Murrayville:

“The South Australian Government’s reaction to the new case in Mount Gambier is heavy handed and unfair.”
“Instead of reacting in a proportionate way, they’ve locked out a bunch of Victorian communities near the border, and the ones left within the bubble are now incredibly inconvenienced.”

Ms Cupper went on to express her view that the South Australian Government’s response to the positive case will evoke severe and needless hardships for the Murrayville township.

“The South Australian Government has not remotely considered the unique complications locking out Murrayville causes.”
“Instead, these poor people in Murrayville are once again forced to make a Sophie’s choice about things like fuel, work and healthcare.”
“The Victorian Government should be making more of a stir about this, otherwise they’re abandoning the needs of small towns that’ve had enough of unproportionate border rules.”


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