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  • Rikki Lambert

South Australia returns record $3.2bn farm gate value

South Australia’s 2021-22 harvest may not be a record in production level but global prices mean it has hit an estimated record high $3.2 billion Farm Gate Value.

Crop production was also above-average crop production amid challenging growing conditions.

The sown crop area was lower than the record set last season, resulting in lower production but to paraphrase what MarketWatch told Flow last week, South Australia had a 'Goldilocks' season of the right size harvest at the right time for the domestic and global market.

Primary Industries Minister David Basham said SA's Crop and Pasture Report revealed many crops yielded better than expected after fluctuating conditions during the growing season.

“South Australia’s crop production is now estimated to be at 8.32 million tonnes from 3.9 million hectares, which is far above the 10-year average of 7.73 million tonnes.
“As global grain prices remain high, the estimated farm gate value remains at a record high $3.2 billion which is fantastic news for growers, the state’s economy and most importantly local jobs.
“Back at home, while growing conditions fluctuated during the season, presenting many challenges, crops performed better than expected. Across the board, harvest outcomes have far exceeded expectations to be above the 10-year production average with the exception of the mallee region.

Hear Market Check Nick Crundall's rosy outlook for SA grain growers on the FlowNews24 podcast:

Western SA producers also rode on the coattails of the blessing of summer rains, Minister Basham observed:

“The weather did cause some pockets of severe damage. The dry late winter and spring period combined with mid-spring frosts and storms has caused some lost grain production in several districts, but thankfully, the overall impact on crop production was minimal.
“The Far West and northern parts of Western Eyre Peninsula and parts of the Upper and Mid North of the state had the highest November rains on record.

The report shows SA farmers finished harvest by end of December, with some areas still harvesting in January, following delays caused by the cool, rainy weather in October and November.

Livestock are considered to be in generally good or excellent condition, and farmers have been taking advantage of high prices to reduce their stock numbers and reduce grazing pressure. Most districts have plenty of supplies of hay and grain for livestock feed.

The full report on the 2021-22 cropping season is at



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