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  • Rikki Lambert

One Nation lead candidate concedes voter fraud video was inappropriate

The lead SA senate candidate for Pauline Hanson's One Nation at the May 21 federal election, Jennifer Game, has conceded that a recent satirical video published under the federal banner of the party was “not appropriate.”

In a video sighted by FlowNews24 before it was banned, One Nation published the latest in its series of satirical cartoons seeking to lampoon the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and Labor Party for their stance on voter fraud.

The video was taken down from Facebook and later Youtube with disclaimers that it had been removed due to a legal complaint raised by a government department.

Speaking exclusively to FlowNews24 on Monday, Game said the timing of the video “might not have been right”, but that the party would resume its online satirical promotions soon:

"I haven't heard it or seen it [One Nation Video], but I understand it was maybe critical about one aspect of the election process, so, not appropriate I think.
"The timing of these videos might not have been right on this one but it'll come back.
"The cartoons were aimed at young people, engaging people who are not yet embracing the political process and we support the AEC."

Hear the full interview with Jennifer Game on the Flow podcast player below:

The One Nation party shared a Spectator Australia article on Monday morning highlighting the censorship concerns that arise from the canning of the video:

Game, whose daughter recently won a seat in the state’s upper house with minimal personal appearances, said the blocking of the video did not activate freedom of speech concerns:

"Obviously I am concerned about free-speech generally, but not in this case."


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