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New single-use plastic bans in QLD, WA and SA

New rules banning single-use plastics, including microbeads and polystyrene packing peanuts have come into effect in parts of the country.

Spokesman Paul Zahra says retailers need a national framework for shifting from single-use plastics. Image AAP

More single-use plastics including microbeads, packing peanuts and balloons are being phased out across the country.

Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia introduced new bans on Friday to varying degrees.

All three states have banned the use of plastic-stemmed cotton buds, while WA has also banned packing peanuts, microbeads and plastic cups and trays for raw meat.

WA environment minister Reece Whitby said the feedback from businesses has been "overwhelmingly supportive".

"We'll continue to use a common-sense, education approach to enforce these bans," he said.

In SA, plastic pizza savers and single-use bowls and plates are set to be banned as the government assures businesses transitional programs are available.

The QLD government has also banned microbeads and packing peanuts, as well as putting a stop to mass releases of 'lighter than air' balloons.

This brings QLD into line with all other states except for NSW and the ACT.

There is no overarching plastic framework plan in Australia, leaving states and territories to legislate their own bans, something which frustrates the Australian Retailers Association.

"The rollout of three different sets of regulations, in three states, on the same day underscores the logistical headaches caused by state-by-state rollouts and the need for national alignment," the association's CEO Paul Zahra said.

"Our members have told us that we could have transitioned away from single-use plastics much faster if we'd had a national framework and a national education program." 

Mr Zahra said the retailers' body would continue advocating for governments to take an 'education before enforcement' approach to the bans.


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