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  • Jason Regan

Johnson 'entitled to his opinion': Cummins

Australian Test skipper Pat Cummins says he's not sought to make peace with Mitchell Johnson following fiery comments from the retired pace bowler in the aftermath of Justin Langer's resignation.

Australia's Test captain Pat Cummins has broken his silence after Justin Langer's departure. (/AAP PHOTOS)

Johnson described his former teammate Cummins as "gutless" for failing to endorse an extension for Langer and claimed the current Test skipper "had an agenda to get in a coach he wants".

But Cummins hit back and said he understood where Johnson's comments came from:

"I absolutely disagree with what he says,"" Cummins said. 
"He hasn't reached out and he's entitled to his opinion. 
"He's standing up for his mate. I can hold my head high so I'm fine."

Cummins released a lengthy statement before fronting the media where he fired back at Langer's former teammates by saying: "To all past players, I want to say this — just as you have always stuck up for your mates, I'm sticking up for mine."

After playing a part in Australia's maiden T20 World Cup win and the 2021-22 Ashes victory under Langer over the past year, Cummins said he was indebted to the West Australian.

While describing Langer as "the perfect man for the times" and highlighting how he had changed his approach, Cummins stressed that he believed it was time for Australia to undergo a shake-up.

"There are so many positives to what JL has brought to the table. He was the perfect man for the times and he did a fantastic job," Cummins said.
"I loved working with him and thought he was brilliant. Some of these skillsets are a little bit different to perhaps a traditional coaching style.
"I think he tweaked his coaching style the last six months but we think now is time for a different direction. It's a matter of opinion, but we think it's the right one."

Cummins said he had been in contact with Langer since his resignation last week and claimed they were on good terms.

"We've had a few messages over the last few days and we're all good," he said.
"From my point of view, I have huge respect for the man and I love what he has done. I owe him a lot he's been brilliant for this team but also me individually.
"He's backed me in a lot and that's probably what I passed on to him and hopefully we can catch up soon and talk about it. I'm sure he's someone I'll keep leaning on."


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