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  • Rikki Lambert

Goat slaughter at record levels in Australia

The predominantly Victorian goat processing sector has been busy as farmers ease their numbers on the back of a herd rebuild.

Market information manager Stephen Bignell told Flow on Thursday:

"We've had an amazing start to the season in goats and Victoria does the lion's share of processing. We've doubled in Victoria on last year and nationally we are setting at an all time record goat slaughter.

Mr Bignell explained the goat slaughter numbers were expected to pick up fastest but not as quickly as observed:

"The pace of the (herd) rebuild with cattle will be longer with a gestational period, sheep will be faster but goats are the fastest. We really saw slaughter pick up in mid-spring last year but the start to this year has been astronomical, 36,000 slaughtered this week, over 3 times what it was in 2010 and double was it was last week.

Hear the full interview on cattle, goats and sheep on the Flow podcast:


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