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Eu Glyphosate Decision welcomed by Graingrowers

The decision by the European Union to extend approval for the use of glyphosate is welcome news for Australian farmers. 

GrainGrowers CEO Shona Gawel said the decision followed an earlier assessment by the European Food Safety Authority that found no critical areas of concern. 


The European Commission has now determined that glyphosate’s approval for use will be renewed until December 2033. 


Ms Gawel said any decision to ban glyphosate would have caused severe trade disruptions, removing access to the EU canola market, and affecting demand for cereals and pulses. 


“Glyphosate is widely used in the grains industry for weed control and has allowed growers to implement modern conservation agriculture methods. Low-till or no-till production has helped to reduce soil erosion by limiting cultivation, increasing soil carbon, and cutting emissions from fuel use.” 


“The decision not only provides some surety for our growers but also reinforces confidence in the science behind the product.” 


Ms Gawel said Australian growers are among the world’s lowest users of crop protection products and take the responsible use of chemicals very seriously. 


“We understand consumer concerns and follow the science-based rules and guidelines established by the AVPMA for the safe use of chemicals in Australia.” 


“The EU decision allows growers to get on with the business of farming in the most efficient manner possible, producing high-quality products for our domestic and international customers,” she said. 


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